I simply wish that…

November 27, 2010 at 9:18 pm

we could better train docs to diagnose us! Sooner the better, and that education of docs by US or the foundation were more assertive to those not participating with/in the foundation.
Sometimes, I believe, that IF docs used US– their ‘trained’ patients who have gone thru the doctor ‘mill’ that WE could be useful advocates to other docs about our issues with diagnosis!
There really doesn’t seem to be any venue within the AMA for ‘patient’ communication? Nor, does there seem to be any venue within the AAN for the same cross communications. Everyone seems to be working in a vacuum.
IF I am a business person? I appreciate feedback-it helps me structure business better… Physician’s offices ARE businesses, yet, feedback is not wanted nor respected in any shape or form. Commercial businesses FAIL with that sort of attitude. Why do physicians feel they are exempt?
It’s a nasty situation.
And? I don’t ‘DO’ feedback in the format of ‘happy faces’!!!! Such a face could include a smiley with fangs showing at times? That? I mite consider.
Take care one and all, just count the blessings that are left, and slog on!