I’m worried!

January 20, 2010 at 10:21 pm

[QUOTE=mochacat]Good morning
[SIZE=”2″]I was on Metformin and it was the best. They did find a big big problem with it. people were dieing from it. As high as 30 % and it did other damage.
If you have problems with your doctor then find one that will listen to you and care enough about you being a diabetic. Most hospitals had clinics and am sure can put you in touch with a good doctor.
My problem now is finding a medication that will keep my sugar down.
Lakoda Steve [/SIZE][/QUOTE]

After reading the above message I need more information…I am on Metformin and my doctor just increased it. I now take 5 of them a day 500 mg x 5!!!:eek:

If anyone has info send it my way.


Rhonda from Canada