I’m not even going to tell you half the dumb things I have done! LOL

August 8, 2008 at 3:32 am

I’m glad I made you laugh. Laughter at times makes good medicine. I had a time years back getting viral conjunctivitis. It was in the winter time and I was much younger back then. My eyes puffed up and when they did I looked like I was mentally retarded. I never laugh at children like this because they too have a disease. But one day while my children were coming home and I was in bed in my dark bedroom. I had this pair of PJ’s that looked like something two year old would wear. That viral conjunctivitis lasted two long miserable months. Every day my children would come home and we had an upstairs house at the time. From down stairs they would ask me if I was okay and I would say yes! Something hit me funny that day and while hearing them comin up the stairs I stood up in my bed with my teddy bear heart PJ’s and with my eyes all slanted and puffy I started mumbling and playing on the bed as if I were retarded. I had to get a laugh and make the illness funny because I was almost about to go nuts having that stuff.
My children looked at me funny and got all quiet and sneaked down stairs and called my husband. He comes flying home thinking something happened to my brain and saw me in bed doing retard dance in bed! At first he stood there staring at me and then it dawned on him, I was giving myself a laughter treatment. He stared laughing himself.
What was really funny was this stuff was contagious and I told my husband not to get near me for he could catch it! Stupid man touched my eyes and then rubbed his eyes swearing up and down he would not catch it! Two day’s later my husband and I both had the mess! LOL! MY poor kids then saw two parents standing on the bed doing the dance when they came home! Sometimes I have to laugh about what happens to me. If not I would lose my sanity.
I remember standing on a stool after gaining weight from Steroids. That stool was not not sturdy and I knew it wasn’t sturdy. But my dumb mind decided to go ahead and get on the stool. Had my foot go through the stool and got stuck and could not get the stool off my foot. Had to call the fire department and get rescued! They had to saw the stool off my leg while neighbors were watching them rescue me from the stool accident. LOL!
Once you get to learn me in here you will see me and my crazy sense of humor. LOL!