I’m baacckkkkkk

September 5, 2008 at 1:29 pm

Wowser–popped up yesterday from the tunnel and whoops wrong resort and popped back down and read 2 weeks of tavern reading and wow is this really our tavern?????? It is so cool…..have been working on the tunnels(got the lights in) and putting up milage signs-actually didn’t know whether to do miles or kilometers, so I made steps signs-like 1500 steps to Saskatchewan and 25000 steps to the brewery–some of the steps might be a little off-Norb sent me some cool music from lots of our tavern guests, and when Joy to the World came up, I might of messed up as I was stepping and dancing at the same time(thanks again Norb-wearing my bracelet too), quick stopped off and signed up for the yoga class, Jan-thought that was you and me in our construction clothes at first:D Borrowed a baseball chalker to put down some lines on the tunnels-a few lines are a little squiggly due ETOH in the chalker:). Till Julie can help with the murals, maybe some artists can volunteer to help-Canada and I get the lime green paint for the tunnel to the brewery…we’ll grab some paint brushes and try a little graffiti –

Decided to stop in for the buffet breakfast Stu made and got hit by a volleyball so vollied it back over to the net and in my haste to check out this gorgeous place, almost tripped over Julie-filled her bag. Flying pool balls and juggling liquer bottles-two championship pool tables, met Juan-signed up for a message. Now, where are you guys-yoo hoo, Norb, Jan and Canada and Liz–Terry, which tree are you guys at???? I’m bringing out a tray of your favorites and we can sit awhile. It is so good to be back home with my friends. Gotta break Jim and his wife out of the hurricane belt and get them here to the tavern.

Ok Canada Jan before we start with that lime green paint, got any ideas what walls we need to break down????? Or maybe some cabanas to build?? Terry no more mowing for a couple days, Jan, no more baling, we are going to drink our worries and pain away for a couple days.

I’ll see you guys tonight. I actually have to go be home nurse to one of my friends-she just had surgery, and I am checking her vitals, incision, that kind of stuff. Nice to be needed. That’s what we can build–a first aid station–whatever Jim can’t change with his neutrons, etc. I can fix–you know one gulp of liquer for the nurse, one pour of liquer over the wound and a bandaid??:D