I here this is a fine estsablishment for warming my toes.

October 12, 2006 at 8:52 pm

This place looks just like I imagined it. It even has a fireplace!

I see myself sneakng in and finding the table in the darkest corner so I could be alone. I order a Drambue on the rocks. The waitress seems nice. I feel like Frazier from Cheers. Thinking I’m better than the people here.

I’m not like you! I tell myself. I just need to get the chill off and warm my feet. One drink! thats it. Then I’ll be on my way. Look at you all! sitting in here haveing fun and smiling. Don’t you know the pain that’s going on out there! If I could move my legs any better I would gulp down this drink and stomp on out of here.

What? My drink is empty?….allready?……Ok! I’ll have one more, but that’s it….. Oh yea,make it double this time, they seem kinda small. You would think that the prices you charge around here the drinks would be a bit larger…….Free? What do you mean they are free?……….thank you, I didn’t expect that………Ya know, that fire feels pretty good on my sore legs and feet…………I think I’ll move a bit closer….. I love gazing into the flames and watching them dance as my body warms and I slowly get numb from the sweet nectar of my drink………It’s been nearly 15 years since I’ve drank. I remember what it was like…………I miss it.