I have to chime in…..

April 7, 2008 at 11:04 am


I am in no way attempting to steal your thunder…..that being said, my wife two kids, and I went through an EF-2 Tornado here in Buffalo, Missouri this past week. No siren. Nothing on the radio or T.V. Just pure terror for about 20 seconds.

Here, amidst the broken boards and smashed windows, I feel that my family was EXTRAORDINARILY BLESSED in that no member of my family was injured. We sustained a fair amount of damage to our roof, some broken windows, and my backyard was TORE UP. We lost a utility shed, chain link fence, and multiple other things that were inside the shed, the most costly was a lawn mower.

I will be re-imbursed for these things after my claims adjuster is finished with our claim, and I am in no way feeling that I’m out anything special, as everything can be replaced, but since Tuesday, it has been a hell of a week.

I’m concerned about my neighbor’s financial situations, as many of them suffered 100% damage. Our community, Buffalo (pop. 1800) was very lucky in that we had no fatalities as a result of the tornado, but there were ALOT of injuries.

I have a small tractor with a loader that I have been using, ad nauseum, over the past couple of days….I’ll keep you posted, if you want, on the progress of our town.

Buffalo, Missouri – Massive ice storm 2007. Serious tornado 2008.

My family – I was Dx’d with GBS in 2007. New baby in 2007.

I have to ponder, what’s next?