I have that IBS stuff something aweful!

January 16, 2009 at 9:15 pm

Mine too started about 29 years ago right after my first child was born. At that time it was pretty mild then it started getting very aggrivating. And that was when I was working. I would be fine at work to suddenly get white in the face with the knawing tummy and would have to run to that bathroom. Would stay in the bathroom for hours and hours on end and felt like my bowels were twisted. Ohh how that stuff gets painful. For years it was just the IBS then the vomiting came at the same time. I too am negative for H Pylori. Then the acid reflux came along. They found a Hiatial Hernia and that was caused by so much vomiting. And I have had the IBS so bad at times where I ended up seeing bloody stools. Preforated the bowel but it sealed back on it’s own. My gastrologist told me because I have nerve damage that the nerves in my intestines work slower than the average normal person. I am now taking Dicyclomine, Nexium and Reglan. And Tums! Since taking those meds I have not seen the IBS anymore! It really helped me out some.
Eating foods high in fiber are the best and fresh vegetables help. Dairy products like Cheese, Milk and Sour Cream are bad for IBS. Colas with Caffiene and Chocolate are also bad for IBS. Orange juice and anything with high acid contents can aggrivate IBS. I drink Lactaid Milk or Powdered Milk now and have that with my cereals now. Orange juice gets watered down some like an orange aide so it won’t have as much acid. Instead of drinking Diet Cola now I drink clear Soda’s like Sprite 0 or Diet 7-Up. I limit my chocolate and Cheese products. Now I am seeing better results. The Dicyclomine keeps my stomach from cramping as bad when the attacks hit me. Nexium also helps controls the heartburn and the bowel problems and the Reglan stopped my Acid Reflux. I feel much better since they put me on those meds.
But then I get spells of constipation which then becomes a pain! Thanks to my moms Fig Tree that helps me alot. It’s a natural laxitive type of fruit. Works better than prunes. In the summer I pick those figs and freeze them. When I need a good laxitive I eat those figs and away I go! But eating high fiber will also help keep the bowels regulated. Us with nerve damage will see IBS more often and need a higher fiber diet because of the damaged nerves!
The one thing that probably makes my life miserable is the IBS part of my disease! That stuff is painful and certainly no fun! Feels like bad labor pains for me. If I had a baby each time my IBS acted up I would have had a thousand children! 😀 Hugs
Linda H