I found it…

March 20, 2009 at 12:21 am

It is called the meneges nerve. I found it on Karmacats thread “Can residuals increase post GBS, or do they always decrease”? bunnyrarebit mentioned it on her reply to this thread of Karmacats. I was putting a r in the word and should have left the r off to spell “meneges nerve”. I asked bunnyrarebit to elaborate on this nerve. I hope Karmacat does not mind if she replys about this on “her thread”. I don’t think she will because this is pertinent to the residuals decreasing or increasing post GBS. If interested in this “meneges nerve” you may want to subscribe to this thread of Karmacats and residuals.
God bless, an Good night,
Drummer boy 🙂