I forgot about a friend of mine

October 9, 2008 at 3:14 pm

I remember one of my neighbors when we were in school and she had a nervous stomach and would get doubled over spasms. She had a nervous stomach and took something for it but not sure what she took. I know with many of us that have nerve damage some motility problems can happen in the bowel causing the IBS. That IBS is very painful! Have had it for years! The weird thing is the season it happens in. Mine typically starts in warm weather right when it starts getting hot. And will last until it starts cooling down some. I still get spells in the winter but for some reason the summer months end up tearing my you know what up! LOL!
It’s a pain I can’t describe! I went to several doctors too at first and nobody could find anything wrong. Test would show nothing. Even had a colonosopy and that came normal too. I take Bentyl for mine. But am also on Prevacid and Levbid along with Tums too! Mine started out as IBS but went in Diverticulitis in later years. The bleeding though is usually because of a small tear in the bowel. But if the bleeding stops then the tear sealed itself back up. But if the bleeding continues and does not stop then you better get to the ER real quick! That is when seepage can happen and poison the system. You can tell the difference being something else. Hemoroids can bleed too but you normally won’t have stomach pain with hemies! LOL!
With her not bleeding though, she probably has IBS going on! Right after I get everything out of my system.. I quit having the stomach pain! It’s like the pain starts and get so bad that you feel like you are in labor. Sit on that toilet seat and rock back and forth trying to get it out of you! Once the last little thing comes out it’s like instant relief~ Now that is IBS!
Heat can trigger mine, stress can trigger it and if a food don’t like me that day.. Look out! 😀