I even missed the race on TV!

July 11, 2006 at 11:00 pm

Talk about being in a FOG! Gang I am going to back out of this message board. I am not going to participate in the Race to the Chase or is it the Chase to the Race? OK I am not going to play this game any more! I am taking my tires home! We were going to do some work on the Cam in the race car and just get the dust off it. I shiney car is a fast car! Instead Friday night we got pounded on all four sides and were in a wreck knocking us out of 8th place. All of our attention has been to get the car ready for Friday! I forgot to post my picks and should not have to make anyone responsible for posting my pick constantly! I will be back next year and I will be using the “GOOD LOOKING DRIVER” way of picking the top 15! Or maybe I will go with the cars that have my favorite color (blue) on them!

ENJOY THE RACES! I will come back and check on you NASCAR FANS!