I don’t like that Lyrica

August 14, 2008 at 10:49 pm

I don’t like that Lyrica. They gave it to me and it did totally nothing. I took it and still felt pain! Messed my head up but the pain was horrible. Took Cymbalta too! That made me hyper and jittery. I am on Buspar now. The Neurontin name brand works okay with me.
I think I would call her doctor and let them know about her pain tolerance levels and tells them how she is doing with the news meds and maybe they can add something new. Lyrica to me was a joke! It did nothing. Totally nothing!
I don’t understand why they don’t give morphine or something stronger to help with pain. I am seeing doctors that don’t want to perscribe real pain meds. Addiction factors maybe. But to me it’s not right seeing somebody in this kind of pain. Call her doctor and let them know. Hopefully he can help relieve the pain for her. I wish her my best and hope she recovers soon. Hugs
Linda H