I don’t know wether to do a jig and fall over or…

February 8, 2010 at 8:08 pm

Just wish I were there to help as best I could!
Knee stuff [I’ve been there – before CIDP?] And know it takes a while to regain strength etc. and lots of therapy. Sigh.
But, as long as infection is gone? That’s a big stride in the right direction!.
I suggest that Connor take an active part in helping his dad? Dunno know why, but I think that could become a special bonding opportunity. Guy things and all. Connor has had to become an almost adult in a kid package? Due to all of his experiences, I’d bet, that he’d be tougher on his dad to get moving etc – than you could ever imagine!
Hugs via the internet ‘ether’ for the interim.