I did play it on my doctor…

April 1, 2009 at 9:08 pm

I got to his office at 1pm.
One of the women at the front desk came over to us, laughing, she said the whole office was in on the note to my doctor, that he should call Mr. Lyon,
(with the phone number for the San Diego Zoo).
So, his whole office got a good laugh. They told him it had originated from me.
So, when he came into the exam room, he dropped the message note into my lap, and was laughing. So, I asked him how the treatment went for Mr. Lyon…
He said at first he didn’t get it…then when he went to the electronic names listings at the zoo, and didn’t find a Mr. Lyon…..it dawned on him and he burst out laughing.
He thanked me for the prank.
(NOTE: It’s great to have a good Primary Care Doctor, especially one I can play a prank on. I was there to talk about some serious stuff–I had been asked to have my Advance Directive completed, since I’m sliding, and we had to talk about death and dieing and he was one of the doctors who said two years ago, I had about two years left to live…so, it was good to start out with a laugh!)