I believe the best constructive things have been said?

April 2, 2010 at 8:53 pm

What you are going thru is like dropping buttered bread….which side does it fall on and does it matter? [For me? it means…do I have to clean it up?]
You will get thru this because you ARE strong! Both in mind and in spirit, I know that.
But, don’t EVER begin to think that THIS is too much to bear? Because something else can and will happen…. Just Deal with the what is now, and wrestle with the might be’s tomorrow! Promise me? The sun always rises and with that new sun? There mite just be a solution out there… Keep that hope and faith and it mite give you even more strength than you thot you had!
Know too, that Connor is a happy boy because of your fighting. Take a look around? It’s spring and recharge on the family and the new season to fill your heart with new life and strengths. Even little small simple things can be a miracle if you look at them all in the right perspective!
Hope and heart for sure!