Hot Water Blues

June 30, 2008 at 1:58 pm

[FONT=”Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=”3″]Janet,
i know what you mean! My spring dried up 2 years ago and was living without running water for a bit over a year.
I collected rain water and heated it in an electric teapot, got quite adept at mixing it and taking little ‘cat baths’ while i tried to save up the money for a well. Good thing i had one of these…….

When i got sick last summer SigOther came out and had a well dug for me and have been trying to remember how in the Heck i managed without! The water has a sulfur smell but i don’t care, to me it’s Manna from Heaven, besides back home in California people paid big bucks for sulfur baths so maybe i should open a Spa?
I think you’re right that we should count our Blessings, since people in the MidWest seem to be getting hit with everything about now.

Norb, was just looking at your Brag Book The Grandkids are adorable.
You mentioned that you’d had Wienerschnitzel, i want to know who did the cooking, can i have the recipe? Pleeze?
That’s another thing i miss about Germany
Should i order that next time i’m in The Tavern? I like mine with lemon and those wonderful fried potatoes, makes my mouth water just to think of it, Yummmy. [/SIZE][/FONT]