hot new track

December 23, 2010 at 7:03 pm

hey istaroaz…..that sounds terrible, I do admire your ability to keep going……I have pushed the full recovery bit…perhaps we just need to seek happiness and friendship:)

I hope you can smile while listening to my latest groove…..I wouldn’t ever have posted this, but Mario my drummer and his daughter Ines liked it….it was recorded way too late and after too many beers….it’s called ‘my babbling gbs’… vocals are hard to get back, diaphragm still in paralysis as well as abs so I just slurred my way through it….I was going to put better vocals down, but forgot to save the file! 😮 so it will stand for ever as it is, enjoy!:D

fingers coming back slowly but surely, hope tough to come by, worth the search

my best to all who celebrate Christmas, and to all of my rockin’ GBS/CIDP family I say keep up the fight