home from hospital, came to hang out with my friends

October 18, 2008 at 8:42 pm

Hey Stormy I got a really cool pair of black glasses and a shot yesterday in the hospital to get me through the MRI ( I am very claustrobic too) that will work great for you-forget the shot, but the glasses are great!!! With Canada’s driving and your choice of drink in your tubing, hey all you will feel is the VROOM, VROOM, and it’s a hot ride in a hot car-do you look good in lime green? Terry is making really long straws to go into the zip loc bags and what’s that old saying? Double the pleasure, double the fun, double the booze, double the cheer, WE WON !!

I don’t know -you guys–I mean, I’m getting a theme here–hilarious theme of Norb under a helicoptor and Gary in a balloon, and visualizing Jim somehow on his bike connected to a jet. Hey, Canada, hi partner–can you possibly concoct a fuel that we can beat a helicoptor with???? You get the fuel, I’ll borrow Tony the Tiger from Kellogg’s. ( Gary-good ole Darth loses in the end., but a cool looking balloon. I’ll bring a cooler of sandwiches, chip and pickles and juice and root beer , and fly with you. Must be some view ). Gotta admit,Canada, I’m a little worried about this race……But I have to admit that the tunnels might not be tall enough, unless this is your idea of a challenge for a race, guys, we gals are up to the challenge—-I know Canada, I know, you hate heights, my black glasses and 200 proof of anything will get you through it-I’ll tell you when to turn, can you do 20 feet off the ground? Trees might be a little tricky:D ., but we must have a canyoun just behind the orchard and horse corral, don’t we? Those pics the guys posted look like we won’t have any trees to worry about, Canada. Just remember we gotta beat a helicoptor-slow moving, but super Norb will come up with something sneaky. If things get too bad, Terry can shoot the balloons, the helicoptor, and whatever Jim is flyin in and don’t forget Terry shoots bear and whatever critter he has in Kentucky. Not that I am suggesting a poor sport kind of attitude, mind you, we girls like to win. Outside, you guys will have to sport us some extra time, to make up for height adjustments. But Norb, if it is in the tunnels, sure I’ll be oh so happy to make you some signs. We could just make arrow signs for you guys.

Norb, buddy, thanks for the cliff and coptor pics-made me laugh right out loud. Needed that today,

OK troops – what is it for the next race????????????
Jan, I’ll take whatever your special is tonight.