Hi Sridhara

July 20, 2006 at 8:30 am

Thanks for posting Sridhara and greetings to my family. I stay about 50 kms opposite side of Western Railway hence neither myself nor my family, except my Niece, was near to 7/11 attack. She is also safe as she traveled by us that day.

Right treatment was given to you. My advice is just to hang here and keep reading various threads. You will learn a lot here, about GBS and its effects, occurrences and vanishes of several problems in our body.

From my experience I can tell you, since the GBS is very uncommon, in India as well as in all over world, I am learning from the supportive member’s experience on this forum and keep reminding myself that nothing is going to happen worse than what I had suffered during my hospitalization and next one month’s period.

Also keeps in mind the “teaching” of Lord Gautam Buddha that everything in this world is perishable and nothing is perpetual. Likewise, the problems/paining/cramps/disability whatever happens in our body is for the time being, after certain period it will definitely disappear. Thereby you will get relief and strength. Never leave doing light exercises on daily basis as it is a basic necessity or part and parcel of our life now. If you feel anything odd, please do not panic and listen to your body.

Convey my regards to elders and love to kids