Hi Lisa!

October 15, 2008 at 7:55 am

Hi Lisa! I too have CIDP but have other health issues. Lupus, B-12. Thyroid etc! I have Irritable Bowel all the time. I have been checked so many times for this and nothing ever showed up in test or Xrays until this year, I developed Diverticulitis, but the doctor claimed it was due to having IBS and caused an Inflammation of the Diverticula.
I talked to a doctor one time asking him the same question and he told me that we have nerves in our intestines also that can cause motility problems therefore causing the IBS.
Alot of diseases can cause IBS especially if nerves are involved. But sometimes the disease itself can cause IBS and have no nerve involvement. IBS too has been seen in normal healthy women that see it happening during their cycles!
CIDP can also cause IBS. Crons disease you can get IBS very easily. Any autoimmune disorder can cause IBS including CIDP. If you have CIDP and no other illness you can also get IBS because of nerve damage throughout the body.
I hope I answered this okay! Nice to meet you! And hope your tummy feels better! 😀