Hi Kristen!

October 6, 2008 at 6:24 am

Hi Kristen! This diet thing is somewhat confusing. I found another article saying that some doctors believe in this diet and others don’t about the vegetables. I got a copy of my labs a few weeks ago but not the recent ones before my surgery.
I showed a very high cholesterol level and it’s been high for years. It was at 275. There are two levels and the ranges for those levels are 0-149 and 100-199. The Trigclyerides were very high. And the glucose levels were 140H but I too have had my sugar levels drop very low in the past. I noticed right after my surgery that I was craving massive amounts of sugar. I wanted chocolate so bad it was no joke! LOL!
So I know one of the diets is due to Cholesterol and getting off of starchy foods and sugars. Low Carborhydrate Diet. Stinks too for I like Chinese foods and many of them have Soy and Starch types of foods especially the sauces. No fried foods either because of the high fat contents.
The vegetables though. I really don’t know why he insisted on me not being on them right now, but I will ask him again when I go in my next visit. Maybe it’s because they can act on the medications and cause levels. I am not sure about the vegetables. Just going to do what he says and then ask him my next visit. I know one diet has to do with Cholesterol though and Sugar.
Ohh! You mentioned a Thyroid site! I too was kind of interested in checking a site out and not sure of a good site. I joined a site and when I went in there it only had a few people in it and did not seem to be to active. Not many postings for several months. Can you give me a good site! The more I learn now about this the better! I too have TED and they checked me for that also. I have had the vision problems for a while. Blurred vision, double vision and eye muscle problems. Seeing the Opthamolgist in November also regarding the eyes. So anything I find out about the after surgery and what to expect with Hypo would be appeciated! Thanks Kristen!