Hi all-

September 4, 2008 at 12:59 am

My computer may have been out for two weeks but all of you have been in my nightly prayers. GARY-let us know how Fri goes-glad you got Alaska in.

Of course our friends in the south need all out prayers too.And also the southeast coast on up.

Sherry-meet you at the tavern to read about your Aug. 26 OR

To all of you, I pray for peace, health, protection for all these hurricanes.So sorry to hear’s about Matt’s outcome-you are in my prayers JayDee.

My friend called and asked me to pray for her niece and I asked her permission to share it here at the forum and she said yes.Mollie is just 13 and they just dx her with lymphoma-first stage-found swollen lympth nodes in both armpits and some in stomach that have fluid surrounding them. Right now she is scheduled for biopsies at Univ of Mich Sept 22. The pediatrician is trying to get an earlier appt-family and Mollie are all very distressed. Please help me pray Mollie and her family at ths difficult time.
Thank you. Emma

Hi all

July 18, 2008 at 10:16 pm

Well, now that I have slept the major portion of the last two days away, the weekend is up. Yup, Terry, those blood suckers were likely leeches-as kids-we just torched them off each other and went back swimming and when they got too bad, we quit swimming and found something else to do on all the farms of my folks, grandpa and uncles-got real creative, as we didn’t have the $$ to go to town. Present day-I think I have learned to drive a quad up north with friends-they have a 40 acre lake, and I had a riot driving around it, but you are right-spider webs and thorny what evers-I was either ducking or pulling up a leg to avoid the thorns but I still had a lot of fun going around the lake and 3 of us on quads went around the rest of the property and up and down and through water and everything-saw deer and turkeys-it was really a lot of fun. My girlfriend and I priced a used golf cart and they wanted 1800 bucks for it, so we couldn’t get it–too bad, we had great plans where we were going to go with it.
Brett-sounds like you have great plans with some beautiful women for the weekend, well add a dog and a dad-but I bet he will be proud of what you have accomplished with your new home so far.:)
I have a kinda rough weekend coming up, but with your help will get through it. So, to all of you, I really wish you good thoughts for a nice weekend. Remember, Terry, you don’t have to work. Ride the atv again around your beautiful lake……Emma

Hi All

August 22, 2007 at 7:15 pm

Hello Dana,
Just wanted to say welcome to your family where we understand because we feel what you feel. If you’ve found a good doctor who knows what you have and knows how to treat it, you’ll start doing better, FINALLY! If you still don’t have that good doctor, let us know where you are, nearest big city, and we’ll help you find a doctor. And you did put your post in the right place! Talk to us and ask questions as long as you need to. Someones here everyday.


Hi All

December 13, 2006 at 2:26 pm

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the article. It was very helpful and encouraging. Also thanks to all of you. My cousin said he has joined the forum and is waiting to be activated. I he was encourage by your postings. I love this forum.