Hey DickS

September 8, 2008 at 10:06 am

Yep! Tonight is the night! So far all I need is two games and will be the winner for the first week! 😀 But we are just close here! If you win then we will have us a tie game.
So far we have
LindaH 10 winning games
Cheryl 7 winning games
DickS 8 winning games

So it looks like we are either going to have a tie game or I am going to be the first weeks winner!:D But we shall see! But things can change into the second week, third week and forth week. You might end up kicking my behind before the season is over with. LOL! Or another person might decide to join us in playing and they may beat us all! LOL! Cheryl.. you still have a chance too. We have the weekly winner and then whom ever wins the most games before the playoffs will be the Champion of the Season!
I might become this weeks winner, but might not become the Champion of the Season!
May the best man-woman win tonight! Good luck!