Hello fellow tavern friends!

December 29, 2006 at 12:05 am

I had a Michelob! Wanted a Margarita…..you can count on one hand the drink I have yearly! Usually I just put a lemon wedge in my iced tea! Whose turn was it to put the pretzels and peanuts around the tables?

Choose that drink wisely! Drink it slowly and Do NOT Drive Drunk….that means those of you in wheel chairs! You keep running over my toes! Those of us on those crutches, take them with you when you leave! The canes have to touch the floor at all times! No poking anyone with the crutches either. NO RIDING your bed down the middle of the street! We have to keep up our image as a mature group! LOL

Who left the skate board in the Women’s room? 😮