Hello family! Well there has been another turn around

January 26, 2009 at 5:28 pm

Hello family! Well there has been another turn around and we are hoping this is good and not bad. Her levels again have dropped and the fliud pills they gave her yesterday have stopped the rattling going on in her lungs. Last night after giving the fliud pills she did a turn around and her levels dropped 4/10th’s of a point. Her blood pressure which has been 90/50 and lower which is very low started going back up and this morning it was 130 over something but the nurse said it was looking much better than it has. Saw both doctors this morning except for the Surgeon that did the knee replacement and they did say her levels dropped and she is now showing signs of the kidney’s starting to wake up again. Her hemoglobin has been low and they both feel like now she can have a unit of blood. So they gave her a unit this morning. Her regular doctor wanted to make sure it was safe enough before giving her blood because they don’t want anymore shock to her kidneys. She was still barfing some this morning but that has now stopped and so far the past 6 hours she has not been sick! She has been chewing on crushed ice and it looks like she is finally keeping it down some!
The only thing that scares me right now is that we saw this a few days ago and then she got bad off again. But her vitals at that time were still all wacky. This morning and so far today her vitals are actually showing improvement. The Nephrologist is going to keep running test on her today and see how her levels are tomorrow. Since her levels dropped he feels as if her kidneys are trying to wake up and function again. But wants to make sure and will let us know tomorrow if the levels are still dropping. If they are still dropping during the next 24 hours then we know her kidneys are waking up. And then he said that if that happens she will finally be out of the danger zone and will have a chance to get well. Once this happens then there is pretty much nothing the hospital can do that the nursing home rehab can’t for her and they are going to transport her by ambulance to that rehab and hopefully we can finally go from there and see her getting well again. So we might be finally getting past this horrible experience and on to a better road of recovery.
The only thing then we will have to worry about is her starting to walk again. And being able to walk! But it’s beginning to look like some prayers are getting answered. I am so afraid of getting my hopes up and afraid to get excited here! Going to wait until tomorrow first and once he tells us she is out of kidney failure then I will celebrate then. I want it to be completely official before I get excited again! So right now we are just waiting for that 24 hours to get here and praying nothing else happens between now and then. If we get past that and see dropped levels. Then we are starting our first steps to recovery! I hope this happens! Keep those prayers for they sure did work last night! Hugs
Linda H