Had GBS while pregnant

August 20, 2006 at 2:27 pm

I had GBS while I was pregnant 8 years ago and both the baby and I are totally fine now. I had a great high risk OB who was very familiar with GBS at the time. We knew that our second child would be our last so I was never planning on having another one. However, he advised me that if we should change our minds to go for it. He didn’t believe another pregnancy would put me at any greater risk than any one else would have.

I do know a girl who gave birth to twins several years after GBS and had no problems at all. She & her kids are happy and healthy today.

If you do get pregnant, I would just look for an OB who knows about GBS and is very familiar with it. A lot of doctors have no idea what it is and can’t really offer any advise, much less know what to look for. Also, see the post about epidurals. I had one no problem. Just get an anesthesiologist who knows GBS and any additional risks it may present.

Good luck ! Diana