Grapes of Wrath – NOT

June 13, 2006 at 4:06 pm

Hey Blu – what town? As you all can see I am in the [B]Oklahoma City [/B]area. We have about 1 million people around the area. Our biggest thrill lately was being the foster home for the NBA New Orleans Hornets. I went to a game and was not impressed as it was too noisy with all the music playing and it was extremely hard to do the walking required.

We have tornadoes – when the sirens blow we all go outside and look at the clouds. They can be awesome when they aren’t heading your way. I believe we have some of the kindest souls in this country around here. Real people. Oh and there is Garth Brooks, Reba McIntire, James Garner, Ron Howard, Vince Gill, and on and on that are from Oklahoma. Oh wait and our latest Carrie Underwood from Checotah – Blu must live by her home town. We have the Cowboy Hall of Fame (renamed something goofy now) that is very cool with lots of John Wayne stuff in it. We are on the famous Route 66.

Luckily, most of our medical care is top notch. Ooops, unless you count the hospital that recently killed my father. Long story – hopefully law suit.

Oklahoma, where the wind comes blowing down the plains… good song too!