Gosh was it a day! I’m beat!

November 12, 2008 at 4:38 pm

It was all I could do today walking around with my mother. I’m getting really worried about her. Was bringing her in some wood this morning and while getting her wood she fell in the kitchen. Her leg gave out on her! Scared the living pee turkey out of me. I had a time getting her off the kitchen floor. She did not injure herself but more scared us both than anything else. She is getting ready for surgery soon and getting a knee replacement done. So hopefully that surgery will help. That knee of her’s is giving out!
So I am at Walmart giving her space and letting her be independent but at the same time Following her around spying on my mom! We left there and I got flowers for my dads grave and went to the grave yard and placed flowers on my dads grave. Then got to doctors office. Then got to her house and I unloaded her groceries. I was struggling to make it! I didn’t have to take her grocery shopping but wanted to give my husband a break from us both! The poor man is constantly doing for us and I hate it! When I got in the truck I felt like passing out!
I decided to stop up the road from my mom’s house and grab a nice cold soda. My mouth was parched. While there I felt this urge to grab a $10.00 Lottery Scratch off ticket! Felt lucky but then didn’t feel lucky! Got home and struggled getting my belongings in the house. I finally so tuckered out threw off my shoes and flopped in my recliner!
Pulled out the lottery ticket and started scratching it off! Hot dog! My first scratch I won $100.00 then the second scratch there was another $100.00 then the 3rd scratch was $200.00 and each number I kept scratching was a winning number! ๐Ÿ˜€
Hey guys! I almost peed in my pants! Even called my mom back up and had her listening to me scratching. I hit it big! Ohh dear! I am in pure shock! Family! I won a $5000.00 Lottery Ticket! YAAAAAAA HOOOO! I called my husband up and told him and he does not believe me! Can’t wait for him to come home and see my ticket! ๐Ÿ˜€
Better yet! I can’t wait to get it cashed. I had to look at that ticket 3 different times and could not believe what I was seeing! LOL! But you talk about one excited lady!
Let’s just say I have this doppy looking smile on my face right now and when my husband comes home, he’s gonna think I have taken a bunch of drugs! ROFL! Even though I am so exhausted! It sure placed an adrenaline rush in my body!
And the worst part! I still feel lucky! Hmmm! I played a $1.00 Powerball Ticket too! Hmm! I would really crap a turkey if I hit that sucker! Going to out that money in our savings account and pay $1500.00 of medicals bills off! We have been paying close to $600.00 a month in medical bills after my insurance covered everything and I ended up with alot of co-pays. We have $1500.00 left to pay and then we are debt free owing only our utility bills. We got our house paid off last year. So this money was a blessing to me! You just don’t know! All my hospital bills will be caught up and paid off with this money. $600.00 a month on medical bills and then $400.00 a month on meds! $12000.00 last year in meds and medicals bills! And now we are free of those bills. We have a savings account but have not been touching it and holding on to what we have just in case of a severe emergency. Meaning my husband getting sick or getting laid off. All year we have been banking money and paying those bills trying our best to not get so far in debt and then have the fear of loosing everything. I will still have medical bills but probably not as much now because most of them got paid off except for that $1500.00.
Now that I know Lupus caused my problems with my nervous system and have supplement insurance. We can now start saving money again. Whew!
I’m so shocked! Well! I got my Christmas present early!
I’m so happy right now! Gosh has this made my day!