Good Zuchini Recipe

August 10, 2008 at 6:15 pm

Hi Jan! I have a good recipe that’s Italian for Zuchini that I made up years ago!
Slice whole Zuchini in half. Using how ever many you wish. 1 zuchini is for 1 meal portion so it depends on how many you are serving.
Take hamburger and add some plain white rice along with diced onion and bread crumbs. Mixed all the hamburger ingredients together and smash in center part of Zuchini. You will need to cut out the seeded part for your hamburger stuffing.
Then take a large jar of Prego Speggetti Sauce… Mispelled because my brain is not functioning to well today. Pour the Prego Sauce over the Zuchini and placed in oven and bake until done. About half way done, place shredded cheddar cheese on top. Very good Zuchini recipe.

Another Zunchini recipe is to start frying a steak and add diced Zuchini and Onion in the pan with the steak. Make sure you use Soy Sauce to make a juicy sauce to pour over steak and zuchini. But don’t over cook the zuchini where it gets mushy. Just enough to know it’s done and has that seasoning.

Hope you like the recipes!