Good news/bad news

December 4, 2009 at 7:10 pm

Hi…how is life treating everyone today? Well, first the bad news…..Got laid off at work due to insufficient workload………was back a little over a month and it was good to know that I could still do the job, as it is a fairly physical position. So while nobody can get excited about losing their job, I am happy that I have progressed so well.

Now the good news…..I took the plunge yesterday and ran a mile with our dog Cody. A glorious 12:44 mile….yea……..connect another dot in my road to recovery map. How is everyone else doing in their exercise programs? I wish you success……..have a great weekend………tom

Good news Bad news

February 22, 2007 at 10:08 pm

The bad news us that I did get it 20 years later…..worse the second time.
Good news is that it was 20 years in between. That’s a long time. Both times I fried my nervous system with stress and that brought it on. This time I really overloaded my system. I had enough of points for several nervous breakdowns…but instead my nervous system just died on me like a battery.
Good news is that my bloodwork has been fine for my liver for 20 years. Only once did I get a scare about the liver and that was when a friend had a heart attack and I overdosed on Hagen Dasz ice cream. Comfort food! But after that Becker article, I am going to do milk thistle. I have it in my kitchen.
I agree that you should always use caution with anything you put in your body. But I wonder how many interactions occur with prescription drugs??? I disagree on thinking that most physicians know about supplements. I have had doctors tell me they get very little training in it. So, I think they would err on the side of caution. WHen I got GBS, I was frightened as I watched my body deteriorate so I took megadoses and stayed out of the hospital both times. I took 16 grams of vitamin C and did not overdose because that would have only caused bowel intolerance – one trip to the bathroom. The side effects of supplements are nowhere near the side effects I read about pharmaceuticals.

GBS Sept. 2006

Good news – Bad news

November 12, 2006 at 7:45 pm

I wish I could tell that’s true. In my case it is not.:rolleyes: Even with treatment I’m slowing going down hill. Most of the other posting appear to indicate the you can get better to some degree.:) I’m new to the sight. However, I would suggest you look through the back posting and see what others have to say. I hope you are able to recover 100%:)