Gold and surgical steele

August 13, 2008 at 10:29 pm

In a way sometimes I am afraid to admit my daughter Kelly who is 17 has my immune system or close to it. She resembles me with the weird foot pains and other Issues I racall having as a boy.
She has been diagnosed with topic dermatitis as a baby. We tried piercing her ears about 5 times with nothing but the best metal and every time her ears blew up and had to come out. Last year we tried again after waiting 6 or 7 years and were sucessful.

Earing and piercings are usually on the extremity of the extremity and I can’t imagine rods and pin deep down into bone etc.

I have had symptoms back at least 12 years that always totally went away.
Since the mesh patch was placed in, it seems to be last thing before this all started becoming permanent. Nobody will every condone that the patch can do it.

As far as the eye’s go, I premeded with antibiotics for 7 days then after the cut, used optical steroids and when the inflammation arose used liquid anti inflammatory and that cleared it right up. I didn’t notice problems with the legs any worse than normal though.
I would never do that again, MY eyes where smoking and you could smell the tissue buring as the cornea was being shaved. If pretty much freaked me out.