July 21, 2006 at 4:01 pm


I bought a squire telecaster, hard case, pod 2, and various utensils which all came out to be around $650 I think. haven’t been playing it at all but i’m trying to get a “place” set up where all i have to do is go sit down and goof around.

i got my wife a yamaha p120 a couple years back but i don’t think she’s ever really messed with it much. don’t really know much about it. i took organ lessons as a kid. wish i’d have stayed with them now. who would have known that folks like the doors would use one of those good old hammond organs with that original dolby sound? had i known it would grow into the rock world, i would have been set. as it was, i only heard similar sounding organs on records made from night club acts, you know “well the shark babe … has a bite.yeah…yadayadayada” and “what’s new pussy cat woooaaaooaoooaaoaoao …” so i gave it up with the intention of learning that really cool instrament, the electric guitar. but i had parents who were into Englbert Humperdink or however you spell it, and Herb Alpert, and some of the crooners. not that there’s anything wrong with that! but they were really “square” when it came to music. they were not greasers by any stretch of the imagination so electric guitar came as a total repulsive shock to them.

needless to say, i never figured out that most rock groups played the guitar more towards the body on the frett-board, so i never could find the right sound. not to mention, i was into partying and didn’t take the time to just sit down and play the thing, so i never was any good. there’s only so much you can learn on your own when you read music, can’t play by ear, and buy all your sheet music from mall music stores :confused:

so, thought i’d learn it in college. thinking “if i take classical guitar and learn it that way i ought to be better than any play by ear rocker out there”. classical requires 8 hours a day practice and more time studying theory, etc. and once again, partying got in the way! I went to Western Kentucky University because they made the top 10 Rollingstone Magazine party schools in the country sometime in the mid to late 70’s and man did I party! I think I was there for 2 semesters before I realized that it was college and allot tougher than high school! 😮

I learned a few chords and could strum out a few songs, desperado, peaceful easy feeling, horse with no name, … and when my voice is in top shape I can sound allot like James Taylor (my favorite artist) although I’ll never have his range – and it’ll be awhile before i learn some of his songs. he’s a musical genius nowadays and his chord progressions have become more and more complex over the years. I’ve made up few songs over the years, a couple inspirational numbers and a really fun campfire song called “Toys are Fun” – you know, one of those where folks make up verses one after the other around the fire, the funnier the better (or dirtier).

to be continued! gotta go to a fish fry…