gitfiddle continued…

July 22, 2006 at 7:40 am

well, fish fry wasn’t much fun. mom and dad were busy working it and a pretty strong weather front came through and closed down all of the kids attractions, so we ate quickly and high-tailed it out of there! at least there’s rain for a change, maybe all me trees will survive afterall.

let’s see, where was i, well that’s just about the long and the short of it really. then i got into keeping up with the jones’ and making money – which i’ve never made much of anyway – tried to run a pc repair business on the side and put me in debt over 10 years ago which i’ve never recovered from and then, WHAM the good old CIDP friend came to visit. music and guitar and keyboards just had to take a back seat.

Rituxan seems to be doing great for me though. i’m so much better now and i’m trying to get a “music room” set up here at the house where i can start playin’ again. i have 8 years of “letting-things-slide” to catch up on around the house but eventually i’ll get there. of course, one other thing i’ve been spending spare time on is my spiritual life. i’ve been doing allot of bible study and reading over the past 4 years so that’s cut into music time as well. then there’s the boy. at 7 1/2 years old he’s getting into doing some extra things like baseball. i’m making allot of excuses seems like, doesn’t it? probably more than you wanted to know as well. however, the itch to get back to playing again is getting stronger by the day. also, a guy at work has turned me on to tabulature and offered to help me out with getting a jump on some technique etc.

guess that’s about it for now.