For my second nerve tests?

April 29, 2011 at 7:44 pm

[I DON’t count the first ones w/another doc]
They suspected a possible problem when my toes and ankles started to turn BLUE w/cold! I suggested ‘gentle rubbing’ to get circulation ‘going’ and it worked. Also told the tech that I’d use my own hair dryer on warm at lo to defrost my own feet when needed at home. I do believe he got a hair dryer AND a space heater to boot for occasions such as ours!
Blue sort of =’s frostbite? =’s not a whole lotta circulation going on!
I’m tempted to bring my own ‘bed buddy’ next time!
LOOVE tests such as MRI’s for the very reason that where I get them? They’ve got pre-heated blankets! Makes life soo much easier.
Good luck in the future!