football players

July 31, 2006 at 11:31 pm

I just don’t know about those tennessee titians. Star quarterback Mcnair leavin. Pacman in trouble with the law.. They been going downhill for a few years now.
Listen to this.
This is another 80’s story, you know the glory days..
I lived in a small apartment building and was supposed to keep up with the goings on around there, got a discount for that and the fact that I worked for the owner as an electrician.
Feller by the name of King Irwin moved in. His brother was Tim Irwin, who was a lineman for the Minnasota Vikings. King asked me if I wanted to go fishin one day, we had been out to the local river and fished a couple of times… his brother was coming in to ck out Watts Bar Lake for a bass tournment, and would I like to go.. heck ya. Tim rolled up to pick us up, big bass boat, largest engine allowed, same colors as the Vikings. We rolled into the Marina, and I guess they knew we where coming. It was crazy. People fallin out of the woodwork to help launch the boat, park his ride, all that stuff.
I don’t think I have been next to that large a person since. If I remember correctly he was 6ft 6 in tall, weight around 270. His arms where bigger than my legs. The thing about him I remember the most, were the scars across his shoulder and back from many operations to work on that shoulder…He wore us out. Stayed out all day, nothing but heat an sun.. I was so sunburned it made me sick. Didn’t seem to bother him, he left his shirt off the whole time…
I got a chance to visit his home in Knoxville a couple of times. Its been years, but his brother told me he went on to Law School, when he retired from football and was rakin it in as an agent for pro football players. They was good people, but I lost contact with them over the years. Thats the way it was…