Flu shot, no way.

September 27, 2008 at 11:30 pm

I’m not taking any more flu shots. They contain formaldehyde, for one thing, which I’ve been allergic to in the past, and which probably set the GBS in motion for me. I have numerous acute chemical allergies, but when I told the nurse that the previous year’s flu shot had made me very ill for about 6 weeks, she just said that it was probably just the flu. She gave me the flu shot anyway, and now here I am in this blasted condition.

My province (Manitoba) has a flu season slogan (Get the shot, not the flu) printed on all their flu shot ads and also on the nice little sticker-badges they give to all the unwary people who get the flu shots. I’m thinking of making my own sticker-badge that will say (I got the shot and I got paralyzed). The sticker will have a picture of a bike with an big X on it and a rollator with a big checkmark on it.

So far, I have told many people I got paralyzed immediately after my flu shot. Interestingly enough, some of the medical people I’ve told don’t take the flu shot themselves because in their words (the flu shot just isn’t right for them).

There was one other person I know of that got GBS last flu shot time in my town. He got acute onset and was hospitalized, but the hospital covered it up, and the community didn’t know; I learned about it from the nurse who is my music student.

— Donna