First off, things will be rocky?

October 14, 2010 at 9:55 pm

Why? History is repeating itself in a way…Take a look at what was initially ‘predicted’ about Medicare and Medicaid…look at how the first languages were presented to what they’ve evolved into. Then web up the ‘listing of medical codes’ -the code #’s used for all insurance claims…that latter list is SUPER HUGE! And medicare and medicaid don’t even scratch the surfaces – as many of us know. They are still evolving. After what? 30-40+ years?
Sooo… the new changes are gonna be both a blessing and cursed from the get-go, Why? Because insurance companies are salivating to get the most of us for the most $$$ and the least amout of coverage. There are going to be thousands of wrinkles to work out and they will eventually be worked out…just hope that they are worked out for US in time.
I, like Bill, think that it WILL work out for the better in the long term, but it’s going to be worse than giving birth- Coming out backwards and a literal pain for the duration – the results in the end? Mite just be liveable.
Hope and heart, all!