finding out today

March 26, 2007 at 10:25 am

Thanks for the info and well wishes. I go today for the final doc to say yes or no to surgery. He’s the one that will actually do it and from what i understand, it will be done outpatient thru a scope…so, that’s not so bad. The last time I had the “scope” surgery, I was pregnant the next month. The greatest gift in the world.

The only good thing about this right now is that the nerve pain doesnt feel so bad compared to the pain in my lower tummy !
It was interesting when i told the ob dr that i have CIDP, she was like, “ok”…totally never heard of it. It amazes me still, that even medical professionals have not heard of this CIDP. And then, trying to explain it…I just wish I could tell them in a few words…but it’s not quite like that, is it.:rolleyes:

have a great week everyone !