April 11, 2007 at 8:44 pm

Hi Lori,
Kevin has a fever tonight as well, he did not go to school either, he had a headache. We are set to have another ivig April 27th (42 days). There are no other symptoms, he stregnth is great, still is able to walk on his heels, I am so confused! Is it a cold, is it cidp? I hope some day we can figure these things out!!!!!! Dawn:)


January 7, 2007 at 4:01 pm

I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for about 18 yrs now and one of the reasons that my doc kept testing til she got a positive was because I had consistent every day low grade fevers, especially when it was cold.
She told me when you have fevers, your immune system is telling you that either you have an infection of your immune system is not working right.
Anyone with GBS has that problem also. It is Autoimmune which means your immune system is working against you rather than for you like normal.
Rheumatoid Arthritis is Autoimmune also, thus causing the fevers.
If the docs cannot find any infection, they will usually tell you its your immune system and they’re probably right.