eating correctly

March 18, 2007 at 3:48 pm

Hi, Claire,
I think eliminating nightshade foods is a good start.(Tomatoes, potatoes, egg plant, etc) IF you really want to do what is right for YOUR body, there is a fantastic book called LIVE RIGHT FOR YOUR BLOODTYPE by Peter D’Amaco. I may be off on the spelling of his name. This is his second book and is better than his first. It tells you what foods are medicine, netural, or bad for you. For eample, bloodtype A’s are basically vegetarians, O’s are meat -eaters….red meat is medicine for an O but not good for an A. I am simplifying it, It will list every food you can imagine. It also tells which diseases are more prevalent for each blood type. If you are an O, then potatoes are bad for you.
With my two bouts of GBS, I did not have a need for pain killers like neurontin. As I read these posts, I wonder if that was due to my supplements that I am taking. I think it is. I take 10 GRAMS of vitamin C CAPSULES a day and 100 mg of B complex CAPSULES four times a day. WHen I went off the C for a 24 hour urine sample, I felt like I had been run over by a truck – such pain. I wonder why no one has tried the C for a few days to see if it lowers their pain. But is has to be capsules; tablets do not dissolve and harm your stomach lining.
Also, I eat a protein by itself or with a salad/veggie. If you eat protein with a carbohydrate (sugar or starch), it stops the digestion/absorption. I can tell this by my fingernails – they are long and hard. If your nails break easily, you mich want to try this.
Good luck with your recovery.