Don’t know? I suspect, if you get IVIG the ‘timing’ could be a key issue..

April 23, 2010 at 9:43 pm

IF you show up with an ‘immune’ reaction on the testing, it mite not be the TB but something else? I do know the test is relatively tame compared to many…They do a skin test on the arm, wait some days and see how ‘red’ you are? But, if on IVIG, lots of blood tests can be totally out of whack IF you get tested right after infusions… You’ve got lots of other stuff pumped into you that can skew numbers… I always try and get doc orders to get tests the DAY BEFORE my infusions…as my immune system will be at it’s lowest at that point, and provide a more clear picture of what’s IN my blood at the most acute time.
As for the test itself? There can be false positives, I believe and I’d research out that aspect if I were you. As for real positives? Some TB strains are resistant now, I’ve known folks who got them…it is NOT pleasant and a tough thing to get thru. I sure hope that you don’t have THAT! 😮

Crossing my fingers and legs [toes don’t work] that it isn’t the resistant type IF it even is TB! My heart is with you on this issue… It’s even worse than CIDP! Which we all know…is a vacation? NOT!