Don’t give up, confide if family/friends, demand answers

October 1, 2008 at 11:10 am

Hi Donna,

First off Donna, do you have a significant other, family member, or close friend you can confide in, that can help you stay afloat while you are trying to get thru your medical issues…
I have walked in your shoes regarding the frustration of not getting answers/treatment.. It’s hard enough sometimes just to hang in there physically, let alone emotionally. This is where my wife pulled me through…. I had about given up twice in the last year.. Once in October, when I first came down with this, and as recently back in January 2008.. I think my wife made all the difference in getting correct treatment and diagnosis.. So, #1 advice is if you are getting worn down with medical answers, don’t give up, find someone to go with you or call and persist on your behalf…
#2 Donna, I know you say you have done your all and it’s a done deal…. This is where I refer you to #1 advice…..
#3 Donna, I don’t know what to say about your environmental issues you are having… The easiest thing to say and hardest to do, is to just leave that part of the Country.. Not practical… Then I would somehow find a way to cope in your microenvironment.. Perhaps, like Dawn said testing yourself/the water/your environment for contaminants is a start.. I worked in the ag field, and have a degree in agronomy, so know a little about that stuff.. Remember, anything is toxic at a certain level… What you need to identify, is what’s wreaking havoc and avoid it…
I hope something here will help… I could add more, but perhaps I am missing the mark… Hang in there Donna, many of us have gone thru the same things, so you are not alone…:)

P>S> I couldn’t think of the word earlier… You need advocates on your behalf… We at this site can help, but in addition to yourself, I think you need a family member/friend etc.. that will be there with you making calls, seeing doctors, taking the initiative. etc… I think your sister (with a little prodding) could do more to get you referred to the correct people..