DO let us know the results after a couple of months…

May 1, 2009 at 5:09 pm

Hi Mac,
“The proof is in the pudding”…
Let us know the results of you taking the pills, after some months.
Every now and then, another “cure-all” will pop up on the forum–usually ending up in having the mind working more that it is working, (the placebo effect).
However, you never know when someone might stumble onto something.
I don’t suggest you mention this as a replacement for B-12–there is a blood test for that, and it’s own medicine of actual B-12 shots for deficiencies.
But if it is for something else as you claim, as “nerve support formula”, then DO let us know how it goes. We are all interested when something new comes around. LOL–you are our guinea pig on this one…
I, personally, am not low in B-12, (I was tested for it). However, due to a failing body, I must sit in a chair/wheelchair, or lie in bed most of the day, thus now causing the skin to break down. My doc does not want me to get bedsores, so he has me on a high dose of Zinc, (200mg daily), as he says that Zinc helps to keep the skin fit, as well as Vitamin C 1000mg daily.