To Those with Vitamin B Deficiency and without

    • Anonymous
      April 29, 2009 at 7:07 pm

      I have been searching for any vitamins that may help with my CIDP and came across this site (Wellness Support Network) they sell a Nerve support formula and they claim a 90% success rate with a 90 day money back garauntee. I am ordering it asap and its about 50 bucks. I am not B def but I’m gonna give it a shot. They say that it has worked for non diabetic neuropathies and since its 90 day money back I’m not worried if it doesn’t work. I DO NOT work for the company but have been talking to the president of the company because I had very specific questions. If anyone emails them ask for Larry McCormick or Bob Held and tell them Micheal Childs told you abou the site so they know you are a CIDPer and it will save time explaining things. Hope this helps at least one person even if its not me. I

    • Anonymous
      April 30, 2009 at 7:48 am

      Hi Mac! It might help with the neuropathy some but for those that have a B-12 deficiency that no longer make Intrinsic Factor it would not really do that person much good. People with positive Intrinsic Factor’s require shots in the muscles because they can’t absorb the B-12 in their stomach lining. So taking a pill for them would just not help them and the B-12 would get worse. I have to take the shots every week in my muscles and the B-12 Vitamins under my tongue so it will go in my bloodstream. There are two types of B-12 deficiencies. One that can absorb but the person has a low B-12 factor and ones that can’t absorb B-12 because they no longer make the factor in their stomach lining.
      This could help those that still make factor but for those that don’t it could be life threatening especially if they stopped taking the shots. But it’s worth trying for many. I after getting lupus tried many things I heard about. Herbal remedies that cost me major dollars for and they were useless. My brother in law was selling a vitamin telling me it would cure my lupus. It didn’t! So I am very skeptical about taking things that say cure!
      But I have myself tried them. They just didn’t work for me! But they might work for others. Hope they do help you out and make you feel better.
      I just take regular One A Day Vitamins now with Vitamin D and my B-12. And they do help some but not 100 percent!
      Thanks for sharing! Hugs
      Linda H

    • Anonymous
      May 1, 2009 at 5:09 pm

      Hi Mac,
      “The proof is in the pudding”…
      Let us know the results of you taking the pills, after some months.
      Every now and then, another “cure-all” will pop up on the forum–usually ending up in having the mind working more that it is working, (the placebo effect).
      However, you never know when someone might stumble onto something.
      I don’t suggest you mention this as a replacement for B-12–there is a blood test for that, and it’s own medicine of actual B-12 shots for deficiencies.
      But if it is for something else as you claim, as “nerve support formula”, then DO let us know how it goes. We are all interested when something new comes around. LOL–you are our guinea pig on this one…
      I, personally, am not low in B-12, (I was tested for it). However, due to a failing body, I must sit in a chair/wheelchair, or lie in bed most of the day, thus now causing the skin to break down. My doc does not want me to get bedsores, so he has me on a high dose of Zinc, (200mg daily), as he says that Zinc helps to keep the skin fit, as well as Vitamin C 1000mg daily.

    • Anonymous
      May 4, 2009 at 12:10 pm

      All I ask is that anyone interested read about the clinical trials and WHY this Methyl B12 is different. It’s been in use in Europe and I have started to take it this week. I have been progressively losing nerve function on my exteremties for 14 years and traditional meds don’t help. I will keep everyone here posted and recommend that you visit the site. Google WSN and look for Nerve Support Formula. The previous message mentioned the body producing a compound to enable vitamin B. As I read thru the website there a clearly diffences in the methyl B12. Just check it out it could be helpful.

    • Anonymous
      May 4, 2009 at 2:51 pm

      BTW, “Methyl B12” (Methylcobalamin) is nothing new, and can be found in several vitamin stores and drugstores. It is usually available in the form of 1000 mcg sublingual tablets. The theory is that B12 in this form is more easily taken up by the body.

      The most effective method of getting B12 still appears to be injection.

      B12 itself does not seem to have any common ill effects, but other B-complex vitamins such as B6 can sometimes have side effects depending upon the person and the dosage, so it is better to take B-complex supplements under the supervision of a doctor, naturopath or nutritionist.