Denture cream…

March 31, 2009 at 11:36 pm

Interesting thread… My mother has had false teeth since her late 40s (is 84 now) & has no neurological symptoms or memory problems, after many years of using these products. But I have had problems with my teeth since first getting my permanent teeth in, apparently I have almost no enamel on my teeth. Years & years of multiple fillings, refillings, crowns, root canals, & now two bridges. For most of my life, the fillings were mercury, & it does make me wonder if that could have been one of my problems? My siblings didn’t get the “bad teeth”, & fortunately my 3 children have almost never had any fillings. Have a temporary filling in right now, after another root canal last week; wish I would have had them all pulled years ago (and thousands of dollars ago), but the dentists don’t believe in that anymore.