Dayton,Ohio GBS/CIDP First Chapter Meeting

June 2, 2008 at 12:33 pm

Went to the First Chapter Meeting of GBS/CIDP in the Dayton, Ohio area.

It was very informative with the video on recovery and each person speaking of their own personal story. They spoke of their symptons when they came down with GBS/CIDP, their diagnosis, treatment or (mis – treatment) and healing.
It showed how we are all so different in the way we come down with these syndromes and how our healing is so different. It was nice to meet the faces behind the stories.
Caregivers were spoken of with the greatest appreciation for all they do.
It helped my husband to remember that because I looked well on the outside I was not well on the inside. People can not see the tingling and numbness on the inside of my body or feel the fatigue that gets a grip on us at the most unlikely time, not to mention those aches and pains that show up out of nowhere.
If you can go to a chapter meeting in your area it is my hope that you come away with a great feeling and repect for the new people you meet and the information you get.
Bill Werling, his Wife and Daughter were wonderful and gracious host.

Thank You