Cymbalta withdrawal and Neruontin mix

June 21, 2006 at 11:29 pm

Thank you for the encouragement. Six months ago I had a small stroke and since I was in the hospital and off my drugs (I had too many, according to my neuro and me).

So I dropped Cymbalta, and 3 others we had talked about. All at once. :p Later my neuro came to me and asked if I had suddenly stopped the Cymbalta; I said yes and he just stared at me. Later I saw my primary and he asked me the same question; I said yes. And he stared at me.
The neuro sort of whispered in my ear that they were trying to prevent me from having a seizure. I didn’t. Whew.:D

I had taken Neurontin years earlier and took myself off of it almost suddenly. No problem.

So I think it is having the residual Cymbalta and the new Neur. at the same time. I feel better already. I remember from before I have to work harder to keep my balance.

Hope wellness for you