current job postings

July 5, 2008 at 1:28 pm

i just went to the nticentral site to see what is posted right now. a bit of what i found…

IRS – 200 jobs available

Auditing customer service calls – 20 jobs available

Mortgage telemarketing

etc., etc., etc.

I believe i read on the same site that they have medical transcription, too. but i did look at a few sites, so i may be mistaken. i didnt see it posted as a job vacancy right now, but im pretty sure it was the nticentral site where i saw it.

forgot to tell you that you will need a computer. it has the specific computer requirements listed, along with the typical job requirements.

it said the pay is $8 to $16 per hour, plus an extra $1 to $3 per hour here and there. like, X amount extra per hour that goes to a medical expense account, plus other things like that. i think ithat is for all of the jobs, but it may have just been specifically for the ones i read through. all that can really add up, right? didnt see any mention of medical benefits, but wasnt looking for it, either. i was just kinda skimming through the stuff so i could give you guys a general idea of what is there.

i didnt click on the “get started here” link to get to the job postings. i just went to “about us” or “about NTI”, and i found a “current job openings” link there. so you dont have to waste your time filling out an application or giving them personal information. I gave them absolutely no information and still found out everything i wanted to know.

i also read that the job expenses “will be subsidized”. i assume that means you will not have to pay for the expenses or will be reimbursed for them?

anyway, take care and good luck!


ps – i did see a link for job counseling, too.