December 3, 2008 at 9:31 pm

Hey Cookie? Was your husband a Veteran and going to the VA. I know my father was a Veteran and he was getting disability from the VA. You may be entitled to some of his benefits. So make sure you contact the VA. I know this is something you really may not want to hear about because you are mourning for him and miss him. And I know you would rather see him here with you instead of being gone. His spirit is with you though and will alway’s be there. And it will take a long time to even get back on your feet. Very bad time of the year to lose your loved one. And I think we all agree that we want to grow old with our soul mates.
If I lost my husband, it would just about kill me! I would not know what to do without him. Very very hard having this happen to you. But if you can, contact the VA and see what you are entitled too. The VFW Post might have someone there that can assist you also. I know they gave my mom $1000.00 to help towards my father’s funeral. They also gave her a nameplate. Plus she is on Champus which is a Military Health Insurance and she gets my fathers retirement from the Military and also a VA Check each month. My father was 100 percent disability. If any of his death was considered Military related then he would be entitled to recieving some benefits and the wife gets those if he passes.
I know you would rather have him alive and here with you. But if you are entitled to any of his pensions check into it. Not sure how long he was in the Military but he might have something there that could help you for your future or your childrens future.
I wish you my best Cookie! It’s not going to be an easy time right now for you. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts!
Many many cyber hugs headed your way!
Linda H