Consider my hopes and good wishes added…

September 27, 2007 at 10:36 pm

I was never that bad, but I know of others who have been. They are doing better, but it takes inordinate amounts of time.
I wish that things other than time were available. The body has been ‘assulted’ and has to heal first and then some sort of ‘normal’ can occur.

Nick, you will make it IF you wish to, and I don’t know about you, but really the alternative options should not be acceptable.

Christy, don’t be afraid to ask for help- in the home nursing, day/nite care, pt. transport or even the opportunity to take some minutes out of each day to take care of yourself. You can’t be Superwoman with this kind of stuff.

Learn more about what you have to deal with, it can take time to learn and a lot of it all is medical, but folks here can put lots of what you need to know into simple terms that can help you learn both ‘med-speak’ and then [sigh] ‘insurance-speak’. No one here I am betting ever expected THIS to happen to THEM? It’s a kind of bad luck of the draw thing- in some cases, winning a lottery has better odds…strange that.

Please keep us up to date on what is happening. Keep faith and’s often all we have to keep us going. But we do go on.