CIDP…Pre-existing condition

June 10, 2007 at 11:19 am

Thanks to those who answered the post regarding my auto accident.
I appreciate all the helpful input. I am afraid that the insurance company will try to use my CIDP as an excuse not to pay up, as they have already asked for my medical information to be released. I had a bad fall in March and broke 3 ribs. The pain from that incident has finally just been relieved, but has been aggravated by this accident.
I plan to argue that the stress and the jolt that I suffered in the crash will make my condition worse.
The insurance company..(hers)….has agreed to pay all the damages on my vehicle, as well as providing me with a rental car for 30 days.
I see my Dr. this week for the results of my x-rays.
Thanks again to those who posted.
Oh Ali, I did not realize my screen name is on all the time under “users online”.
I see it there, but figured it was because I was online at the time…pretty funny ! Barry